Having spent over a decade in the corporate world and then branching out for a few years to pursue entrepreneurship, we knew we had found our superpowers. From graphic design, bookkeeping, website development, content design… and many other remote work options…we wanted to be the matchmakers to bring creatives and business owners together.

We believe that “work” should be fun. We also believe you can do anything you set your mind to. So we dreamed up AfroFreelancer in 2020.

We’re not a huge corporation or agency. We used our own funds to make this happen, no sponsors, no big brands. We did this the old fashioned way: maxing out our credit cards, calling in favors, too many sleepless nights to count, wearing multiple hats, and bringing in our friends to help. Together, we built a space for everyone to thrive and learn.

At AfroFreelancer, our mission is to create freedom. The freedom to be exactly who you are, do the things that bring your heart joy, and be the rockstar you were created to be! We want you to enjoy life, spend time with those you love, work from the beach, and continue to show the world what your superpower is.


Our founders, MJ and Lillian, have been running their own companies for a few years. Lillian’s company, Brown Skin Brunchin’ (a social brunch group in numerous cities around the United States) is what brought the two together. MJ attended a brunch in San Antonio that Lillian was hosting and their business mindsets created more magic. MJ’s company, Let’s Make Cents (a remote, full-service Accounting company) took on Brown Skin Brunchin’ as a client. Then after a few months… insert AfroFreelancer!

Lillian still flies around the United States connecting people over brunch, owns a wine company (Brunch In A Bottle), and is a marketing guru who is obsessed with all things tech (she even enjoys learning new code!)

MJ’s obsession with Finance has led her to continuing her passion of bringing financial clarity to small to medium sized companies, teaching personal finance to high school students, encouraging others to become entrepreneurs by championing their superpowers, and occasionally skydiving in different cities.

Both Lillian and MJ have a passion for connecting people. So how about you connect with them by following them on Instagram (@lillyjack & @_mjfuego_ ) to get the behind the scenes on how they build businesses, connect people, and celebrate life while doing so!