Extra Cash for the Holidays: Side gigs that are perfect for the holiday season

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There is no one size fits all for entrepreneurship. There are so many avenues to make money and there is always a demand for others to find ways to make money. And that need gets more in demand during the holiday season. From Halloween until New Year’s Day provides so many opportunities to add an additional stream of income. Here is that list.


#1: Costume maker/ make- up artist: People love to go all out and dress up for Halloween. Use your design, DIY and makeup skills to deliver unique Halloween costumes and makeup. You could earn all your money for your holiday spending and travel plans during October. People may also want your skills when designing a custom holiday sweater for the annual ugly sweater Christmas party.


#2: Christmas decorator: Love putting up Christmas lights and decorating Christmas trees? Then this will be your time to shine. A lot of people begin decorating for Christmas as early as November. If you are creative and have a niche for decorating this can be a great time to make money from people who want their spaces decorated but don’t have the time or the creative eye. This could be a seasonal side hustle that can possibly make an extra few thousand dollars. 


#3: Gift wrapper: People will need their gifts wrapped and if you have the gift-wrapping skills, you could very well set up a side hustle where you wrap gifts and charge $50 or more per customer. This service will be heavily utilized by large families or someone who does a lot of gift giving.


#4: Caterer: Holiday parties and dinners are in full effect for the holiday season. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, New year and holiday parties like Friendsgiving, Ugly sweater Christmas parties and NYE parties have a high demand for caterers. If you have the gift for cooking and baking, you can book plenty of clients by preparing dishes. 


#5: Housekeeping and organizing services: With so many parties going on, the need for a skilled housekeeper or organizer is needed. People will not have the time to clean so if you have the gift of offering great deep cleanings or organizing new spaces you can maximize your earnings potential with just a few hours of your day. If you think you should feel ashamed about cleaning someone’s house, don’t! For just 2-3 hours of cleaning, you can make a minimum of $250.