Administrative Analyst

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Project Description

We are looking for a proactive administrative analyst with strong problem-solving and analytical skills who can help us develop stronger strategies and processes. In this role, you will be required to research current policies, collect information about budgets and procedures, analyze data and processes, and improve or develop new strategies.

To be a successful administrative analyst, you should be focused on optimizing processes within your department or organization. You should be collaborative, communicative, and creative with strong reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Administrative Analyst Responsibilities:

Working in an organization or department to optimize processes and ensure budgets are used effectively.
Providing internal support for departments that want to increase efficiency, productivity, or profitability.
Conducting research through surveys and employee interviews, and reviewing processes, budgets, and other information.
Analyzing data and processes to look for and better understand problems.
Developing processes and policies to replace or improve upon current methods.
Working with departments as they implement, refine, review, and modify processes and systems.
Establishing and enforcing budgets and timelines.
Presenting findings and pitching ideas to management and other departments so they understand recommendations or changes.
Ensuring that all initiatives align with the company’s mission and goals.

Administrative Analyst Requirements:

At least two years of experience as an administrative analyst or similar.
Further education and certification are advantageous.
Strong research, math, and computer skills.
Excellent problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.
Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
Ability to analyze processes and data.
Good understanding of financial principles and budgeting.
Strong leadership abilities.