Onboarding Specialist

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Project Description

We are looking for a dedicated, well-spoken onboarding specialist to join our HR department. The responsibilities of the onboarding specialist include helping new hires learn the company policies, showing new hires their job duties, scheduling start dates for new hires, and gathering the necessary paperwork.

To be a successful onboarding specialist, you should have a good working knowledge of labor legislation and experience with HR practices. Ultimately, a top-notch onboarding specialist should be a great communicator with a flair for interacting with new people.

Onboarding Specialist Responsibilities:

Creating policies and handbooks that detail company operations.
Emailing new hires with details about the company, including parking information, work schedules, and dress codes.
Welcoming new hires with prepared onboarding kits and an office tour.
Introducing new hires to their team members.
Providing new hires with manuals, guidelines, and passwords, as needed.
Detailing all new hires’ initial tasks and answering any queries.
Ensuring new hires have the necessary technical assistance to set up their hardware and software.
Gathering and filing all paperwork related to new hires, including contracts and non-disclosure agreements.
Arranging product and company demos and presentations.

Onboarding Specialist Requirements:

A bachelor’s or associate’s degree in human resources management or a related field preferred.
Experience as an onboarding specialist or in a similar HR role.
Experience with HR standard software, such as IRIS and MS Office.
Experience with ATS and resume databases.
Good working knowledge of HR practices and labor legislation.
The ability to work with sensitive and confidential information.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Strong teamwork skills.
Good organizational and time management skills.