Stuck in what office: Side Jobs you can do from anywhere

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Gone are the days where you had to stay in an office or event stay connected to a desktop in order to get a job done. You can literally work from anywhere if you have a laptop and a WIFI connection. Did we mention, you can also buy WIFI hotspots in case your cell phone hotspot is not strong enough for you. These days it is so easy to take on a plethora of freelance jobs and complete them while on vacation, visiting family or any other travel task that may arise. Keep in mind though that if you are traveling you will still have to adhere to any time change adjustments so the possibility of waking up at 5am for an 8 o’clock meeting on the west coast is possible. With that said here is a list of side hustle gigs that you can do from your laptop and anywhere in the world. 


Social media manager: These days a lot of businesses do not have the time to actively manage their social media. Some businesses do not even want to bother with it, especially if they are older. If you are experienced with social media and know how to keep your audience engaged and bring in new followers, you can have a business pay you a starting rate at a minimum of $300 a month. And the best part is, with proper planning of posting you can do your job in less than a few hours a day. 


Graphic Designer: Building websites and other web-based content does not need to be done in one place. You can create layouts and drafts and if you have a way to communicate regularly about your progress there is no worry about where you do it from. 


Blogger/ Editor/ Proofreader: You can literally do this job sitting on a beach sipping a Mai-Tai. This job may not even always require WIFI. If you remember to upload your final drafts as scheduled, you only need your laptop to do most of the work. 


Tutor based jobs: Because you are interacting with someone video will sometimes be needed, and a less distracting environment maybe needed. So, while this job can still be done on vacation, having access to a quiet space will still be necessary. But again, if you have a laptop and screen sharing video capabilities you are good to go. 


Virtual assistant: Virtual assistants are needed for a lot of business owners. There will be times where you have meetings to be a part of or important calls to make. However, a lot of your tasks will be filled with administrative errands to complete. If your work is being completed on time, your boss is highly unlikely to care about where you do it from.