The importance of side gigs during the Pandemic

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When the pandemic hit, a lot of people found themselves suddenly out of work and needing to find a way to bring in income. While plenty of people were able to benefit from things like the stimulus paychecks and extended unemployment benefits there was a rise with side jobs available that was able to provide supplementary income for most, but also replace their primary income. Here is a list of jobs that had a great demand during the pandemic and can still serve as a stream of income.


#1: Personal shopper: No- one wanted to leave their homes during the pandemic if they did not have to. This is where the demand for personal shoppers came in handy. Jobs with sites like Instacart and Shipt were in great demand that allowed users to order groceries and products from stores like Target, CVS, best buy and so many others delivered to their homes. People were willing to pay for this service and people were willing to do this service. On the high end, being a full- time shopper could bring you as much as $500 -$600 a week, including tips and possible bonuses.


#2: Personal training: When everyone was stuck at home, fitness became a priority for most at home. The ability to get in a good workout on a regular basis was one of the ways people filled their time while adjusting to our new normal. This gave personal trainers and fitness instructors opportunity to utilize their skills and offer virtual workout classes and lessons from the comfort of their own home. According to CNBC, personal trainers were offering classes that ranged from $25-$75 per session or monthly subscription packages. 


#3. Tutors: When schools shut down and children were forced to distance learning it was an adjustment for both parents and children. With the sudden transition tutors were in high demand to help students successfully pass their classes and not let the pandemic academically affect their studies. If you had the patience and skills this could be a lucrative side job to assist students at any academic level.


#4: Amazon Flex: Everyone depended on Amazon during the pandemic and the need for delivery drivers were and continue to be insane. Amazon Flex gives you the opportunity to earn between $18-$25 an hour by becoming a delivery driver in your market. 


#5: Food delivery service: Sites like Doordash, Postmates and Grubhub have been popular prior to Covid-19. However, when the pandemic hit, people were using food delivery services like crazy. The demand for having food delivered was and is still in high demand and pay on average by $20-$25 an hour.