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Project Description

We are looking for an expert startup consultant to provide short-term advice, guidance, management, and implementation for key initiatives in our company. In this role, you will work with management and our founders to determine paths to success for the startup. You will also provide analyses and reports and take charge of achieving project goals.

To ensure success as a startup consultant, you should be experienced in the startup space and have considerable knowledge of your field and the problems faced by young companies. An accomplished startup consultant should have assisted multiple startups in the past, should be able to open doors, and provide sound external advice.

Startup Consultant Responsibilities:

Consulting with key individuals within the business about operations and strategy.
Investigating business operations, collecting data, and conducting appraisals.
Discussing findings, proposals, and recommendations with management and founders.
Developing plans, roadmaps, and goals that address key deficiencies and opportunities for the startup.
Guiding and mentoring key personnel to achieve objectives.
Providing insights and analyses when problems within the business arise.
Adjusting strategies, plans, and goals based on market factors, business capacities, and operational constraints.
Navigating the business through the startup space, while enhancing specific competencies and development phases.
Acting as a spokesperson for the company by promoting its value to key individuals.
Making further recommendations regarding business operations and processes when required.
Startup Consultant Requirements:

A graduate degree in business administration, finance, marketing, management, or a related field.
A portfolio of successful startup clients to your name.
Excellent analytical and strategic abilities.
Proficient in problem identification and business process analysis.
A sound understanding of state and federal business laws and regulations.
The ability to drive organizational change effectively.
Strong market research skills.
Highly organized and efficient.
The ability to network and communicate ideas to others.
Adaptable and dependable.